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Testimonials from our Graduates and Clients!

I had visited and called several schools prior to deciding to attend Anita’s Dog Grooming School. Many of the schools had multiple students enrolled at the same time, while others offered on-line courses, which was not at all feasible in my opinion. I felt and stated to Anita, “the best way to learn dog grooming is to actually experience dog grooming,” and “the best way to train is with one-on-one instruction.” Her school offers both of the above. I would like to thank Anita for her excellent instruction. Her staff was very friendly, helpful, and also very knowledgeable. Each person grooms extremely well, and I suggest you take advantage of all of their expertise. There are three groomers to learn from; take full advantage of this great opportunity, and ask many questions. The sad part about the training is that the time passed extremely fast. I am going to miss everyone; thank you for taking me under your wings and imparting valuable grooming experiences at Anita’s Wags-to-Riches.
Thanks again,

- Guy Garner, June 2013



I want to thank Anita for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill a dream. I was part of the corporate world for 16 years and when my company was sold I was at a loss...
I have always been interested in professional grooming, but truly had no idea how to get into it. I did some research and came across Anita's Professional Dog Grooming course. We spoke and she explained, that she offered one on one training, starting your very first day handling a dog. Her course, her way of teaching, her dedication to me, her love for her furry clients is all apparent in your first 5 minutes there.
My first day ....I knew nothing except that I loved dogs...
My last day... I knew that I loved grooming dogs too....and that I would forever be grateful to Anita for the opportunity to get started in professional grooming. Anita is by your side the entire course. She teaches you to have the utmost respect for all the dogs and their safety first. Proper handling and use of all equipment, dog anatomy, breed specifics, coat preparation and bathing techniques, common cuts and styles. You will see her vision and her gift come alive. She truly is an artist. She is patient, kind, and very understanding that you are new to the environment. She will encourage you everyday. Everyday you will learn something new. Everyday you will accomplish something new. You will laugh, you will learn new skills and you will love Anita, her staff and most of all; her furry clients. I recommend this course to anyone with a serious interest in learning the beautiful skill of professional grooming from a fantastic teacher...Anita.
Again, thank you for taking the time to show me your skills and technique, to share your beginner stories when you knew I needed a lift.... Thank you for encouraging my sheer joy over finally figuring out how to hold my scissors...acknowledging all my accomplishments and mostly thank for you for believing in me and sharing your incredible knowledge.
I encourage you to call Anita, talk with her, meet her and enjoy the course.
Much thanks!!!

-Kim V., August 2013

Not knowing anything about grooming, making that phone call to Anita was very scary for me. Anita was a very exceptional teacher. She made me feel at ease from the very first day to the last. Anita’s guidance throughout the course was most appreciated. I want to thank Anita for giving me the tools and training I needed to make a new career for myself. I will miss Anita, her staff, and the great four legged friends I met along the way.

- Susan M, Middlesex, NJ March 2013



Grooming was something I wanted to do because of my love for dogs and animals. After meeting Anita and her staff family I knew I chose the right school. Anita is so patient and knowledgeable and her training went above and beyond. I learned everything with Anita from dealing with customers to the finishing details on the dog to make you a excellent groomer. I'm excited to start my new venture in dog grooming. Once again thank you for all that you taught me.

-Barbara M, Bordentown, NJ, January, 2013

Making the transition from being a hair stylist to a dog groomer, I did not think was going to be easy. However, training with Anita really made it possible. EVERYTHING was backwards to me. From how you utilize using the whole scissor blade instead of just the tips, to the number ranges on the clipper blades and guards, was my biggest challenge. With Anita's patience, understanding, and skill she was able to break me from old habits and teach me the ones necessary to becoming a dog groomer. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable when feeling nervous and doubtful. The best part of her one on one training program, in which I feel is most important, is the the fact that you feel like you are not training, but actually working in her salon. Real customers are walking in through the door, explaining how they would like their member of their family's fur cut. You get to hear the consultations being done right in front of you. Even in hair styling this is the most important step, this gets you and your customer on the same page of what needs to be done. And in any work environment your always faced with a challenges, and being in her training program you will learn what to do to handle them. You can't get that in a classroom. Her staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I did my program part time, which not many other training programs allowed, and it really flew by. I feel confident with everything she taught me, but feel very comfortable because she extends her help even after completion. Thank you Anita for all your help, and I will miss you and your staff!

- Shara B., East Windsor, NJ November, 2012



I love the way Anita teaches. The lessons are personal and one on one. At the end of this course, I am sad to say goodbye but appreciate that she was a great teacher and helped me to further pursue my dreams of grooming and being in business for myself.

- Adriana M. - September 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have taught me while I was a student at your school. You, your family and staff were very personable and I felt very comfortable in your grooming salon.

Your course taught me everything that I needed to know from pet handling, clipping, scissoring, how to interact with customers and all the information I needed, plus so much more.

Your one on one teaching technique gave me the knowledge I needed to become a pet groomer and open my own grooming salon.

If you and/or your family are ever in the area, please stop by and see my shop, Skoogy Do’s Grooming Salon.

- Anna Marie S., Belvidere, NJ, July 2012

Anne Marie


I cannot put into words how completely satisfied and fulfilled I am having completed Anita’s grooming program. Knowing next to nothing on day one, walking through her door was taking the first step on a career path that I never saw myself able to be fortunate enough to go down. Not only was I welcomed by Anita herself, her staff and family made me feel comfortable and relaxed every day I attended class. She took a nervous, unsure girl and turned her into a confident and skilled groomer. Without her prestigious expertise and patience, I would not have been able to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in this industry. From brushing and bathing, to clipping and scissoring Anita possesses not only skill and artistry but also patience and care for every animal that comes through her door. She not only teaches how to groom, she also teaches how to handle and care for each dog according to their breed, condition and age as well as how to run a successful business. Her professionalism and attention to detail accompanied by her patience and amazing teaching ability all come together to deliver the highest quality experience. I could not believe that three weeks into the course I not only had the confidence but the skill to take on grooming solo-and do a wonderful job as well. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking to further their education by entering an ever growing industry. She by far is the best teacher and is truly a wonderful person that I am so fortunate to have had the pleasure of knowing. I am so sad that tomorrow is my last day! However, I am excited to start my new career as a professional groomer! Thank you so much for everything!

- Danielle E. - Belvidere , N.J. May 2012

After taking an online course in Dog Grooming, I was looking for hands on training so that I could apply the book learning to real life. I found Anita’s advertisement through an internet search and, after stopping into her salon and talking to Anita and her grooming staff, I decided to sign up for the program.
Anita’s hands on training program was exactly what I was looking for. I was grooming dogs along with Anita on the very first day of my training. Anita is very professional and provides very thorough training focusing on the safety of the pet, the proper handling of grooming tools, and grooming the pet according to breed standards and meeting the requirements of the customer.
Training in Anita’s Salon along with her grooming staff allowed me to experience all aspects of the grooming business. I would highly recommend Anita’s program to anyone who is seriously considering becoming a dog groomer. I travelled a good distance to take Anita’s course and feel that it was more than worth the time and money that I put into taking the course.
Thanks to Anita and her staff for a wonderful experience.

- Debby D., Dresher, PA December 2011



Anita’s grooming training was very helpful. The first day I did not know what to do and Anita helped me. She taught me techniques on how to scissor a dog. She taught me how to look for imperfections and helped me scissor to the clients standards of how they wanted their dog to look. All the employees at the salon were amazing and helped as well. They were friendly and a great group to be around. I am not a morning person but I loved going to Anita’s. I was happy to go everyday. Awesome grooming salon, awesome people, definitely worth it. If I could do it all over again, I so would without a doubt!!

- Alona S., Warren, NJ November 2011

As a professional transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneur, I found Anita and her team of stylists to be highly skilled professionals who treated every animal with compassion and made me feel welcome from the very first day of my training. As Anita’s student, I received one-on-one training everyday I was in school. I learned how to perform both breed standard and modified pet trims using grooming tools including straight, curved and thinning shears as well as clippers and combs to achieve desired results.
Anita’s guidance is the perfect blend of experience, skill and encouragement while maintaining the highest standards. All of the techniques and skills I learned at Anita’s Wags to Riches are vital in developing my foundation as a skilled pet stylist. I respect Anita's skill as both a pet stylist and teacher and am grateful to have had the opportunity to train with her.

- Lisa S., Branchburg, NJ, July 2011



I want to think you for giving me the opportunity to learn a new skill. Your Grooming school was a great experience. You had a lot of patience while working with me. The skills I learned will help me succeed in the grooming business.

- F. Ferreira, South River, NJ March 2011

Anita’s Dog Grooming School is an outstanding learning experience and was a great investment in my future. As a recent graduate, I highly recommend Anita’s program to anyone who wants to become a professional dog groomer. Anita focuses on preparing you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to pursue a dog-grooming career. With hands-on experience and individualized guidance you will learn every step in the grooming process, especially the importance of grooming every dog with care and respect for its well-being while you’re making it look and feel beautiful. Anita is a great teacher, patient and skillful. She is eager to pass on to her students the knowledge she has gained throughout her years in the business. Anita and her staff create a welcoming environment that makes coming to school a pleasurable learning and training experience.

- Lian S. - December 2010



Anita and her pet grooming program is by far simply the best! The school covered all the necessary grooming procedures I would need to be successful in my own business. I would recommend her course of instruction to anyone who wants to be a professional groomer. Anita is so patient and a true professional. I am so happy and sad at the same time to be done with my hands on training course. Now on to my pet grooming future!! Thank you and I will miss you all at Anita’s.

- Tracy C. Millstone, NJ July 2010

I just completed the dog-grooming program at Anita’s Wags to Riches. Anita made me feel comfortable and confident the very first day of her class. She is a very patient and experienced woman! Her training program is hands on and one on one. You train on a large variety of dog breeds in a great atmosphere. The training takes place in her grooming salon so you are exposed to every aspect of the grooming business. Her busy salon is a testament to her professionalism. Anita, thank you.

Donna - Hillsborough NJ - June, 2010



Once I decided that I wanted to attend grooming school my search began. Luckily, I stumbled upon Anita’s grooming program. The price was reasonable and the equipment great. It was a wonderful experience especially since everyone was so friendly and helpful. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a dog groomer.

- Keryn - March, 2010

While deciding on a career change for my future, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a dog groomer. I inquired at other schools but decided on Anita’s for the environment and student testimonials. The training I would receive would start from day one with total hands on which I thought would be the most beneficial for me. My training seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was graduation day. That day was sad because I became accustomed to being there training (more like working), which made it easy for me to see what my future would be like on a daily basis, and I enjoyed going everyday. I have Anita to thank for her dedication on teaching a person to become a good dog groomer and future shop owner if that was to be your path. Thank you Anita for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me and my future.

- Renee - January, 2010



During my search for dog grooming schools, I was having a difficult time finding what I was looking for. Most schools claimed to offer the best training available in the industry, but when I did my own research and contacted former students that attended these schools, their experiences were less than satisfactory. Then I came across Anita's dog grooming program and I was skeptical as well, so I read her testimonials, contacted several of her former students and they were very happy with their experiences working hands on, one-on-one in an intimate environment. And now I can vouch for having had the same experience... If you are serious about becoming a dog groomer and have the combination of a positive attitude, Anita's guidance and insights, along with the exposure to a nice variety of dog breeds that visit her shop, you will have a nice foundation on which to build your new career as well.

- JW, North Jersey, Oct. 2009

I had the pleasure of attending Anita's Wags to Riches dog grooming school. Being a nurse I had some pretty high expectations of my education. After my first class at Anita's I had nothing to worry about. Her skilled expertise and attention to detail is exactly what you need from an instructor. The patience she has for her students and her dogs is exceptional. Her salon is always busy with a variety of breeds. She did not micromanage but supervised while letting me try on my own. Her way of teaching is relaxing and non stressful which of course is good for both you and the dogs. Her business is professional and successful and I hope to open a shop in a few years that allows me to practice all that I have learned.

- Jill, Manalapan, NJ. Oct. 2009



When I decided to become a groomer I visited many different training programs. Even though Anita’s Wags to Riches was the furthest from my home, I knew that I made the right decision. Anita provides one on one hands on training. She teaches you everything you need to know to become a successful groomer and salon owner. You learn on a wide variety of breeds. You get to see how a successful salon is run. Anita is an exceptional teacher and mentor. I feel that I not only made the right decision in choosing Anita’s program but that I was taught by one of the best groomers there is.

Lynn, Chatham, New Jersey - June 2009

When I started researching grooming schools, I was looking to learn the hands-on, practical skills I would need to start my own business. At Anita’s Wags to Riches I got that and much, much more. While attending the training program, I learned every aspect of the grooming business. Anita’s teaching method is hands on in a real salon not a classroom.

Under Anita’s guidance I learned the A to Z’s of dog grooming. I learned how to completely style various dog breeds ranging from basic prepping to the finished top knot. Not only did I learn the aspects of grooming a dog Anita gave me practical advice on starting a dog grooming business.

After completing the 150 hour course, I felt comfortable grooming on my own giving each dog the proper attention whether I was grooming a frisky puppy or a slow-moving senior dog.

Thanks to Anita I’m ready to put my paw print on the grooming world.

- Pat, North Brunswick, NJ, May 2009



I just completed the dog grooming course at Anita's Wags to Riches in East Brunswick NJ. From the very first day I started to learn all aspects of the grooming process. Anita's hands on approach taught me everything I need to know about how to groom all dog breeds. She stood by my side everyday and carefully explained and monitored the process. What's really great about the course is that you get to work right away in a real salon and experience first hand how to deal with all aspects of dog grooming including the relationship with the customers. My overall experience was fabulous and I would recommend that anyone who is interested in this field to take this course. The friendly atmosphere in the salon is a plus,everyone was very nice and helpful and I will miss going there everyday.

- Jackie McMahon, Colts Neck, New Jersey, February 2009

I can't believe this class is over. I have taken many classes and this is the first one that I feel sad that it is finished. It is amazing how much I've learned during this time. I had your personal attention during the entire 150 hours and your teaching style is fantastic. Did you know that you are a patient person?

You taught me exactly what I need to know and actually gave me real experience while I was training. This I think is important. In my opinion, training in a salon, is by far a better way to learn than actually being in a controlled classroom environment.
I am confident that I have learned what I need to know to open my own salon.

I really want you to know that I loved coming there every day. You and your staff were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The day actually flew by and before I knew it it was 4pm. What a treat it is to be kept so interested in what you were doing that you do not even see the time move.

If ever any future students would like references on your training method I would be glad to speak with them. By then I will be running a successful salon of my own and my grooming success will be credited to you!

- Tina Pavlo, Flemington, NJ, September 2008




I’ve been trying to find myself over the years and I truly believe that making that phone call to Anita’s was my first step to a real life happy change. When Anita started to teach me to groom she made me feel comfortable. Her salon runs very smoothly and as a teacher she reigns supreme. The techniques and skills she teaches you are easy to learn and really stay with you. Anita herself is a wonderful person and a patient one. If Anita can, she will go above and beyond for you. I owe my first grooming job to her for finding me employment, as she did not have to do that. You will leave her salon knowing how to groom with perfection. I owe her a lot. Thank you Anita!

- Jennifer Soares, January 2009

For more than a decade, I had a strong desire to groom dogs and after being laid off from my position in finance, I shopped around for a dog grooming program. Anita’s grooming program was selected for its reasonable price and short program to fit into my fast-tracked mission to complete a grooming program in a relatively short period of time. I have never had a better learning experience. I was handed my clipper and scissors and began grooming on live dogs as soon as I walked in the door. In just under 3 weeks, I was grooming dogs solo. The training itself was very professional and administered with more patience than I would have expected given my experience in the finance industry. The training program was not limited to dog grooming and included an overview of the business aspect of the pet grooming industry. With each day of training, I was made more aware of my talents and am confident that dog grooming is where I will find professional fulfillment and success.

Anita’s Wags to Riches dog grooming program exceeded my expectations and while I shopped for a “short program”, my only disappointment was when the program was completed. Never was I so sad to see school end.

Rose, Hazlet, NJ April, 2009



Just wanted to say thank you. It’s so challenging to find a great groomer, one who really de-sheds long hair dogs and doesn’t crate them. Layla came out of there with no stress, which I was surprised, due to the length of the stay. She wasn’t limping like she has in the past. I am thrilled.

Thanks so much. See you soon.

Barbara W & Layla, Milltown, NJ - July 2012


My dog Tiffany was groomed yesterday - just wanted to say THANK YOU! She looks great, so soft. And she seems to know she's not itchy anymore! My Dad dropped her off and picked her up - he said she was just walking around, hanging out when he got there. That's great. She hates the crate, so hopefully this will be an easier way to get her to the groomers, if she can relax like she did yesterday. Her report card said she was an angel, I'm not surprised. She's a really great dog, I rescued her and got so lucky with a gem!

Thanks again!

Michele, September 16, 2010


I just wanted to let you know how amazing joey looked today, and thanks again so much, and thank your staff as well. I realized when I got home that I didn't mention it, and felt bad, so please just let them know I really appreciate what a good job they did and how much easier it will be for me not to stress the grooming any longer, and I'm sure it was less stressful for him too to have it done in a couple of hours. He really looked great, and I also put a review on the yahoo local reviews. Thanks again and see you next month.

C. K., Parlin, NJ - August 2010


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Annabelle on her first visit to you! Everyone thinks she looks beautiful!

Liz S - July 2010

Hi Anita,

Thanks again for a wonderful class and your expertise. You teach how I like to learn. It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I feel confident to move forward and knowing you are there if I need you really helps as well. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dear Anita,

Can’t tell you how gratified we are at the service (grooming) that you preformed on our “rescued” Lhasa Apso “Brook!” You persisted though Brook did not cooperate in any manner, shape or form. This took GUTs and experience!! Thank you and thanks again for all you have done for my little girl. She was in bad shape.

We will sing our praises among our dog-loving friends – rest assured!!

Chuck and Mary Nielsen<

Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for fixing Boomer up after his disastrous “Grooming” at G_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _! We feel very confident that Boomer will now be in such good hands.

Geri and Glenn

Dear Anita,

Just a note of thanks for making Nikki’s first trip to the “Beauty Parlor” such a nice experience. Quite a few people remarked how beautiful she looks. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Ellie Kuzinski


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful grooming job you did on Farcus back in October. As you can clearly see, there has never been a more handsome ring bearer!! He looked beautiful and was definitely the most photographed member of the wedding party! Many thanks!!

Debbie & Tom Kucharczyk

Dear Anita,

Thank you for all your patience and care while grooming Barkley. He feels like his old self again and is looking very handsome. My best wishes for you and your business! You have what it takes for sure and then some.

Thank you again!

Good luck
Colleen & Barkley

Dear Anita,

Thanks for doing such a great job on my haircut today. You really know how to make a dog like me feel comfortable. A day at the spa is always fun.

I will try to take better care of my coat for the next time to make your job a bit easier.

I am glad my parents brought me to you and didn’t leave me at that G_ _ _ _ _ _ place. They are not pleasant people!

See you in a few weeks.

Buddy Myers